About Fairfield County Central

Fairfield County Central (www.fairfieldcountycentral.com) operates a hyper-local website that provides a unique, free platform for local businesses to establish, or expand, their web presence by creating their own microsite (single-page website).

Small business stands to benefit the most from the internet, but has been effectively shut out due to the high barriers of entry; mainly costs and time of creating and maintaining a website. We designed our site to provide local businesses with the tools and support they would need to take advantage of the internet to market and grow their business, by eliminating the cost and keeping their time commitment to a minimum.

How did we accomplish this? By creating a website that consists mainly of smaller, single-page websites. Each microsite, which has been structured to be search engine friendly and can be accessed directly through its own custom URL (i.e., www.fairfieldcountycentral.com/business-name), features a fully editable message board and an optional media gallery* for displaying photos and videos. Businesses can use the message board for virtually anything from promoting sales to daily menu specials. Another unique option available on our site is exposure on our homepage*, which displays a preview of, and link to, three randomly chosen microsites every time the page is viewed.

Our goal is to build a central location where local businesses can quickly and easily provide consumers with accurate and up-to-date information. We provide additional marketing support through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as email marketing. The site is open to all businesses located in Fairfield County, CT.

If you own or operate a small business in Fairfield County we would love to have your business join our community of microsites.

For more information send an email to info@fairfieldcountycentral.com.

We are committed to promoting a "Buy Local First" environment in Fairfield County, CT.

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*premium service required